The jewelry company Kleismantas and Co The company Kleismantas & Co creates and makes fine gold jewelry with diamonds and gemstones  
 The company Kleismantas & Co  creates and makes fine gold jewelry  with diamonds and gemstones
Gold, diamonds and gemstones jewelry

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Especial shapes, uniqueness, elegance   
and high quality of hand made jewelry are   
qualifying features of our company.   

Activities of Kleismantas & Co Jewelry

Our company creates, makes and sells high-quality fine jewelry with precious stones and gemstones nestled in noble metals. Our craftsmen create and make jewelry, requiring much creativity and manual craft from gold, platinum and silver. We use high quality brilliant cut top-polished diamonds and gemstones making our jewelry.

We sell our articles to jewelry retail stores, distributors, other companies involved in jewelry business and to individual customers also. Please contact us for more partnership details.

Kleismantas & Co Jewelry in Fairs

The company participates in various international fairs and exhibitions, attracting and amazing visitors by its original and unique high-quality jewelry. We are regular members of yearly exhibitions "Pelene" in Vilnius, Lithuania, "Charm and Jewelry" in Riga, Latvia and "Beauty World" in Tallinn, Estonia.

We received excellent responses from the visitors of exhibition "Amberif 2001" in Gdansk, Poland, on March 2001. This inspired us to extent the looking for business partners in western Europe countries, Russia and USA. If you are interested in setting up business partnerships with our company, please fill in a form or send us an email.

Proprietor of Kleismantas & Co Jewelry

The Joint stock company Kleismantas & Co established in 1993 in Siauliai, Lithuania (registry #0A-0693). The sole proprietor and founder of jewellers company is Giedrius Kleismantas. He is an expert of diamonds grading qualified and diplomaed in Vinnitsa Diamond Factory "Kristall", Ukraine. He is a member of Lithuanian gemologists society.

Employes of Kleismantas & Co Jewelry

Brilliant designers, possessing their own style, highly skilled jewellers and certified experts, able to evaluate characteristics and prices of the precious stones, are working in the company. They are diplomaed specialists with twenty years experience in the jewelry business. Specialists worked on probations in India, Germany, Latvia and Ukraine.

Partners of Kleismantas & Co Jewelry

Our company maintains close and sincere relations with german companies "Gerhard Schwartz" and "AGS". They are our suppliers of high-quality ligature, tools and materials of production. We use also materials of italian company "Leg Or".

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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 The company Kleismantas & Co  creates and makes fine gold jewelry  with diamonds and gemstones